Is the SPYY Pro outdated?


I have been looking at it for a while. It is pretty old so I am not sure.


Outdated? Really? About as outdated as a 1998 Civic is to a 1999 Civic.

I realize that may not make sense to you… The '99 Civic is the same as the '98 Civic except for a slight change to body-style (front-end).


People have lately been talking about how much yoyoing has changed and I thought maybe two years is a big enough time zone.

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Not even close. Think 2007.


This. The pro is still a great throw.

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I want one so bad haha. It looks freaking fantastic.


Thanks you guys! I was kinda scAred of getting it.

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So, basically, you’re judging how good a yoyo is based on how old it is.


TIL Old throws = bad throws.


The Pro is a fantastic yoyo. It’s all business… powerful spins, incredible stability, about as much of a “V” as you can possibly make in terms of profile. Amazing grinding surface, includes a subtle IRG if you like thumb grinds (which I do!)… I can do fingerspins at a slight angle; it’s perfectly suited to horizontal…

The only reason to not get it is if you’re obsessed with only owning strictly “floaty” yoyos. It’s solid on the string, which is part of why I’m so happy I have one.


Easy there, tiger. Slow down. I’m just playing off what I hear and got a bit hesitant. I am pretty much searching for this throw right now. If I thought it was bad, why would I put up this thread?

Don’t be so quick to judge, my friend. :wink:


To answer your question, definitely not. That throw is amazing, fast, smooth, and horizontal friendly. Get it. I have a Star Grade Pro and even then its amazingly smooth and competition ready.


Although the spyy throws don’t fit my preferences. I have to say that their quality has always been top notch and I’d never worry about their overall performance