Is It Possible To: Behind The Back Horizontal Ladder Escape?

Title says it. I would say that it’s POSSIBLE, as long as it’s possible to get out of horizontal GT’s, if that’s even possible to do. Do you guys logically think that it is possible? Why or why not? Please explain down below, as I would really like to “research” this.

With your eyes closed.


The slack you have to drop onto the yoyo at the end of the trick would be difficult because now the yoyo is leaning on it’s side…

Depends how horizontal you’re talking about.

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Can you do ladder escape? Can you throw horizontal? If so try it out. Is it possible? Sure anything is possible but doing a behind the back horizontal ladder escape sounds insanely difficult and nearly unfeasable. Horizontal ladder escape would be possible but very difficult but behind the back is just ridiculous.

I’m just looking for “is it possible”.

horizontal ladder escape isn’t that bad, I bet a lot of people could do it. I can do it, although inconsistent and sloppy :smiley: but that slack part at the end turns more into a whip lol

Behind the back? I guess its possible, but if you call mickey/gentry/yuuki/etc. I don’t think any of them would be able to do it :smiley:

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I bet Marcus Koh would!

That’s all I’m looking for.

Anybody else have any input on this? Maybe more evidence that it is/is not possible, any thoughts or idea’s that would make this trick easier/harder etc.? Please share, I still want to hear.

It’s probably more difficult to do horizontal than most tricks because the yoyo’s on the string all the time.

I dont really know what the point of this is, but yeah, I guess. Just needs lots and lots of practice.

I was actually thinking about this.

And I want to see if it is possible because I am going to be known to do this one day =DDDDD

Probay with slight modifocations

If you can do all three (Ladder Escape, Horizontal, Horizontal Behind the Back), then try it. I honestly don’t think Ladder Escape is possible to do Horizontally let alone behind the back.

I can do it(horizontal, not behind the back), but its sloppy haha and the slack at the end kind of becomes a whip but it works haha

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Yeah, you have fun with that one ::slight_smile: haha, good luck!

You’ll see! >:(

Horizontal btb is already difficult, but trying to incorporate something like ladder escape would be something to behold