My friend says I can’t pronounce anything right, and he thinks it is pronounced as diets.

Help me xD


I always called it the deeitzz

Like cheezits


It’s deets.

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Daniel dietz. Look up a contest performance of his


No, your friend is wrong. R. O. N. G. Wrong

It is pronounced Deetz


Oh i said diets.


Danile be going on a Diets.


Definitely deeeets.


by dr. dreh :v


I voted for Dietz.

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That’s how I used to pronounce it, but people kept telling me it was Deetz. Wow lol


Surely even though we understood the question, I can’t be the only one amused by the correct spelling being the “wrong pronunciation” option? I would have at least changed the “z” to an “s” or something!

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It’s definitely pronounced “Deets”. Dietz 2 - YoYoStringLab, on Flickr


Not that any more really needs to be said, but here’s nail-in-coffin confirmation from Daniel himself:




He created GTs? He sounds like a robot.


The guys name is Daniels Dietz
It’s pronounced deetz


Who are we even talking about?



Daniel Dietz. The definition of an awesome dude


Sounds like the name of a cartoon bumble bee.