How to pronounce Dietz?

I’ve always imagined it like:
You need to lose weight so you go on a “diet.”

But I heard Brett from High speed yoyo pronounce it like “deetz” (the double “e” being like the word “bee”)

So what’s the correct way to pronounce it?

your right, it is Deetz or Dee-tz if you do it phoneticly

Like Dans last name

its deetz. listen to how the dude says it in the  begginning

jut to reinforce what all of them ^ said; it’s pronounced like Deets. like Beats with a D.
I used to say diets, but then I heard his name pronounced at worlds. and I was like ohhhh

You can learn more about him (A really cool kid) at his website:

As noted above, it’s deets (long E).

The name appears to be German or Austrian in origin. In general, the pronunciation of a germanic name with 2 vowels like that is that the first vowel is silent, and the second is long.

Has anybody here also watched the movie “Pretty In Pink”
If you havn’t it’s a great movie, see it. But that’s not why I’m talking about it.
In the beginning you see one of the main characters in gym class. If you pay attention carefuly, then you hear that the gym teacher’s name is “Ms. Dietz”.

Just thought I’d share that bit of info :slight_smile:

I pronounce it german style, which is “deet’s”

Hey dude, send me the deets.

i ask, “details or a yoyo?”(or the pro…)

I believe the correct way to pronounce it is ‘deetz’, but I personally, just for the sake of being strange, pronounce it ‘die(dye)-tee-zee’.

I, personally of course pronounce it; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-webermenjensen- jingerheimerscmitt… but I guess that’s just me O0

you are SO funny

I thought it was pronounced “De-atez”

i think it may be diet-z

It should be pronounced Deetz if its reg edition.

BUT they should make a special edition, and soda blast it, and call it the Dietz Soda. Pronounced like Diets.

damn, i honestly can’t think of anything else to say. this is beyond briliant. much love my man ;D