How do you pronounce 'Adegle?"

Fairly straight-forward question.

Is it “ah-dee-gle” or “ah-day-glay” or something entirely different?


At least, that’s how I’ve always heard people pronounce it.


deeee gulll deee gulll. you have to say it in your best Gremlin voice


Ah-deg (rhymes with beg)-gool (rhymes with cool).


I once read it wrong… Still do.

I like saying A-dell-jee

I read it as ‘a-del’. But it’s probably the wrong way.

I read it a dee gle

That’s how I pronounce it too.

Same here.

Is it a dog? Is it a beagle? No, it’s a-deegle…

that’s how I say it.

If you want the real pronunciation instead of our guesses, contact adegle.

Like “car”.

Oh, that’s funny… I didn’t know they were Taiwanese, and linguistically the name looks like a French word (although afaik there’s no French word “adegle”… just talking linguistic patterns here).

So, I’ve always pronounced it “Ah - Dayg” with a silent “le”.

Now I just dunno!

I’ve heard A-dell-jay as well.