Is it 'cheating' to use a glove to finger spin?

So yeah. I’ve been trying to do it with my shutter, and I can only do it with a glove.

No "I wouldn’t really say its cheating but it does make it easier.

It only makes it easier if you have short fingernails.

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It’s only cheating if you told yourself you wouldn’t.

it’s not cheating i do it all time, but i have learned how to do it both ways now. try washing your hands before finger spinning it helps make your fingers smoother.

Is it cheating to put ketchup on your fries?

Yes. You must stop now.

No it isn’t because you will get longer spins with nails then gloves ::slight_smile:


Why would you want to? Just grow your nails out a bit.

Cause I don’t like scratching people. Long nail are gross.