is anyone from massachusetts?

hey, im just wondering if there is anyone here from massachusetts or know anyone that is. i have been out of the yoyoing scene for quite some time and want to pick it up again. i can still do all the tricks i use to and have been learning some of the new ones as i go but, would like to pratice with someone and learn from them, or even teach them something. please post here if you’re from mass, including what city you’re from. im in fall river.

I don’t actually live in Mass (northern Indiana here) but I do travel to Mass quite frequently. I have extended family in Waterbury, CT and often find myself in Mass and Rhode for days at a time kickin’ it. Mostly Northampton (A2Z Science Store) and Boston (because, well, Boston rules). I also spend a rather large amount of time in Providence (thinking about buying a winter home there). This puts me basically right next to you if you’re in Fall River.

I head on out that way about every other month or so. I’ll hit you up next time I’m coming out.