Is anyone else offended by this?

this is old but not sure if it’s been discussed on this site

Yea that makes me frustrated.

Yomega Brain?

It doesn’t frustrate me, it wasn’t very funny though, just stale humor.

Yoyo or not(interesting how I chose yoyo as a hobby shortly before this ad broke), the commercial isn’t really all that amusing.

On top of that, BigSpot is really a sham as far as I’m concerned. By the time you actually fill out something where you get paid, you’ve jumped through a zillion flaming hoops for a penny.

Regardless, knowing what I know about BigSpot and the crappy commercial, I have even LESS interest in them.

Gravity cat is not amused

um not really lol. I laughed at this commercial.

first thought to me was hello the yomega brain???

and also it kinda makes yoyoing seem like a joke… to me…

It seems you missed the point. It’s saying the spot was a joke because of how bad it was produced, so they want you to come to them to produce a better one.
I mean if you make bad commercials and like it, I can see how this would offend you.

No. It’s just silly.

Sort of like the Discovery Channel Shark Week promotion or the ghost commercial for Sonic?

Here’s my thoughts:
If you can’t be bothered to make a decent commercial in the first place, don’t waste my time. If you’re not concerned enough to put your best foot forward, that tells me all I need to know about the company the commercial is for.

Plus, these days, you give a person a camera, they are suddenly declaring themselves a movie producer. It’s just like any person with the money to buy a small ProTools rig suddenly declares they are an engineer, a record producer and a record label, despite the fact they can’t even run a signal through it.

Lowered expectations. Sucks, don’t it?

Same! Its just stupid humor, no need to get upset.

I work with multi-media, entertainment and other aspects of that industry.

So, yeah, I get paid for my opinion for this stuff(not by the company that did that commercial).

Right now, we’ve managed to make acceptable the intentional degradation of audio through the forced acceptance of MP3. Well, I haven’t accepted it. I refuse to use MP3 media. Anything on my iPhone is a CD I personally ripped at full 16-bit 44.1K lossless .wav.

Now, we’re starting to see the same thing happen in visual.
1: News is using streaming content, often via live stream. HOWEVER, this is done intentionally in order to save money over expensive satellite uplinks. This is a partial result of the over-paid stuffed shirts and talking heads they hire. However, this is understandable because satellite owners are known for charging astronomical rates for usage of their satellites for the simple reason of “because we can and so what are you going to do about it?” You no doubt notice the poor quality of sound and video due to crappy codecs.

2: YouTube is a big issue because they’ve pushed out “crap as quality”. It’s not entirely their fault. It would be nice if there was some sort of “screening” process to say “Dude, that’s just entirely too crappy to be placed online, we’re rejecting you”, but I suppose that takes some of the fun out of YouTube. Or don’t you just love it when someone steals a video from YouTube then reposts is to their YouTube account, so it’s been run through the processing codec a second time and take a MAJOR quality hit?

Not to knock YouTUbe some more, but the lowered bitrates and framerates make watching some of the yoyo videos almost impossible, especially for some of the speedier players. A SMALL object such as a string gets quickly lost in the blur factor.

3: TV-oriented boxes, such as AppleTV, Western Digital’s Live series of boxes(I have two, but I control all content on it) and others are starting to pull stuff down from the internet, which is often through providers not providing FULL bandwidth feeds of the requested content.

4: The HD TV transition has not gone well in most markets and even some big broadcasters as they still are trying to wrap their heads around digital broadcast and tags to notate 4:3 vs 16:9 ratio material, as well as how to broadcast both formats at the same time, even if the feeds are slightly different.

Our expectations are being lowered in all areas.

I’m all for Interrupt, Engage, Inform. I’m even fine with non-sequitur methods of advertising. But these days, it seems the idea is to distract as much as possible from the product or service so as to NOT say anything useful or informative about it. That says to me “weak product” or “something to hide” or other red flags go up.

That commercial, yoyo or not, just sucks. But you know what it does say? It does actually say a lot about the product behind it. They’ll lead you around by a string, but in the end, you’re not actually going to go anywhere.

Maybe let’s take it to an extreme. If this happens to yoyos, we’re back to the solid axle Duncan Imperial and Butterfly in 3 years. Do we really want that?
No. We want it more chunkyand blocky as why would we want anything with smooth edges? We can just blame it on the codec that made the molds, right?

There are far more offensives thing going on in the world…it fact…that was just stupid…not even offensive…

reminds me of that`s so weird, but with out the funny.

A little because he gets the girls and I don’t >:(