Is a poptart a ravioli?

({John15}) #1

This is an Ask Me Anything, right?

Why or why not?

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #2

I will use that in future interviews.

({John15}) #3

So what do you think?

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #4

Would it taste good with Mizithra Cheese and butter on it?..

({John15}) #5

Idk, is that what makes a ravioli a ravioli?

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #6

It’s the only condition that would convince me.

({John15}) #7

:thinking: Interesting…

Thanks for taking the time to answer this ridiculous question! haha

(Jacob Waugh) #8

I actually didn’t know I could laugh that hard until now.

({John15}) #9

Well, what do you think @JWaugh?


Isn’t a poptart a tart?

({John15}) #11

Technically speaking, a Pop-Tart is closer to a ravioli than a tart.

Here is a ravioli

And here is a fruit tart. It is a pie-like desert filled with a tart custard and topped with fruit


Those aren’t like what my granny used to make and call “tarts”. I guess what she made was more of a turnover? I would never have “corrected” her, though!

I guess “popturnover” doesn’t have the same ring to it; neither does “popravioli”.

({John15}) #13

Right, like a fruit empanada

({John15}) #14

And I’d probably steer clear of that too! This isn’t what I’d consider a hill to die on, it’s just good fun.

The tart in Pop-Tart is probably just one of those things that got Americanized, like pudding. Pudding is literally the salad of desserts across the pond. The word pudding over there is just as versatile of a word as the word salad is here in America. And, it is not anything close to what we consider pudding.

(Jacob Waugh) #15

I guess what you are thinking of is like a fast food Apple Pie (McDonalds, Rally’s and places like that.) where it is mean to be able to be eaten without cutlery.

({John15}) #16

Well, the “tart” or turnover he was describing looks like it had a fluffier flakier crust than your typical fried pie aka fruit empanada. So that could make it a distinct dessert

Either way, that doesn’t really answer the original question.

Is a poptart a ravioli?

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Well, then it’s a popturavioli!!!