IR pads

I recently got for Xmas a Sine//Saw rave party. When it got it, the response pads were sticking up, making a lot of vibe. I tried to push them down, but the just won’t. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Typical Recrev quality control. My @ had a pad sticking up and a big ding on it out of the box that required sanding… I’d say silicone it.

Silicone like replace the pads or flowable?

I had problems with the pads in my rave party silly goose .

I ripped them out within 2 days and threw in some crucial pads

Just want to say that the pink pads in RecRevs are (I think) Crucial pads.

My silly goose had these thick clear pads that were really grippy

My f(x) came with the crucial pinks pads and those are great