Iowa state!!!

A big thanks to Bryce for setting this up!

Thank you Zach for this post.

Awesome! Thanks for putting me in dude!

Awesome video zach thanks for putting me in For those of you that didn’t make it you missed out on an amazing time sure the sound guy had some trouble with music and stuff but it was still an amazing time.

Thank you bryce and everyone else that took part in putting this together it was awesome
to those who didn’t make it I hope you’ll consider going to next years Iowa State Yoyo Contest

Any input on my editing? (I know the intro is long, skip to 1:00 if you don’t like it :))

That was a good day, I think the filming was great. If only the venue wasn’t so dark it would have looked so much better. Can’t wait till Illinois states now!

Your editing was great zach the intro was a little long but I liked it

Love the dingy spotlight look of this. It really shows off the throw and the string and the arms of the player… The stars of the show.

Yeah it was cool when you first walked in it was dark so before your eyes adjusted the strings looked like they dragged through the air !

Very awesome look and feel, plus awesome players with crazy skills!!!