5a and 1a


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOwjdjdXVLs&feature=youtu.be please leave comments. Thats the 2009 Bulgarian National Champion and is etidet by me.


Nice. Didn’t want the whole thing. Didn’t need to. I got a fill on awesome at about 1:22

Now, here’s what I really want to comment about, to all those trying to video:

OK, so we had some lighting issues(from the back). It happens outdoors. but that’s not really the issue I want you guys to focus on.

Focus on how the string contrasted against the background. The dark shirt, the yoyo in a color that isn’t going to blend into anything. All these elements stack up to make a better subject for viewing.

ALSO, note how he backed the camera up and away so there’s not only some “air”, but you can see pretty much all the tricks the entire time.

Do more like he did! Like this one. Rock it!