The Way We Get By

That was amazing. You’re getting really smooth and I can tell it’s only gonna get much better. Great Job!


Thanks JUMP!

Always nice to hear your comments

those chop hops were amazing and that grind to green triangle was too, by the way its jared from ma states

JARED! Thanks man. You going NER?

i hope soo thats a2z games right? i think i could convince my dad :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I like that video, especially the boingy behind the back!

(I think I like it so much I’m a gonna have to steal) :slight_smile: Runs to find a yo-yo
It was really good. Sovereign?


Large Bearing Sea Foam CLYW Bassalope

just one thing- the lighting could have been better, it seemed like the lights were off when you filmed. but nice job!

I kinda liked the lighting there was like a flashlight? that was shining at the yoyo and the string.

Yeah, I was just trying out this video style

I thought it was pretty sweet.