Invisable String, Do you need to see the string at all?

How many of you know a trick so well that you do not need to see the string? I got to thinking about this and made a sting black. The Black string against my black shirt and dark background made the yoyo look like my hands where hovering it like magic. Granted Im a newb still working on a 1.5 mount but still.

What I want to hear is, do you need to see the string or even the yoyo to do certain tricks?

I can do my Sig Trick blindfolded…

I can do my sig trick without seeing the yoyo sometimes, but usually when i’m doing fresh’n’pops in my sig i will need to see it.

I can do gyroscopic flop like 2 flops without seeing. (21 flops when seeing)

I can do pretty much any trick without looking. But thats not what yoyoing is about. Go with what is comfortable for you. In yoyoing, yes, you need to see the string. How are you going to learn tricks without seeing the string at all? Granted you can do tricks with it, but you should be able to see. Its gonna hold you back, but if you want to - Go for it.

I wasnt saying that I wanted to learn tricks that way, I was seeing if others had any unique ways to yoyo. Ways that make the tricks they already know, better or cooler. :slight_smile:

im actually trying to make a video using this concept to rep a yoyo team im on. were called the string magicians, so yeah… it might work…

you dont technically need to see it, but in preformance it is used for special effects and stuff, like a double or nothing might look like a trapeze or somethin.

Also, what about the tricks that call for a visible string? Tricks such as Triangle Laceration or Suicides?


Oooh. Good Point.

I can do both of those without seeing!!! But with practice you could do any trick without seeing… you can loop without seeing—,457.0.html


i guess muscle memory comes into play, you just have to be in the state of yo… you kno…

What I mean is that the people watching will not be able or have a hard time seeing the string that makes them entertaining.

I ussually need to see the string to get a general idea of where my hands are. I can do some really easy tricks without looking at the string, but to land the yoyo on the string i need to see it.

good point, i mean i could turn out all the lights, and say that i did a buch of tricks in the darkness, withouy ever throwing a yo… ha