WatchThis Yoyo Trick

I have been throwing for about a year. i just wanted to make a video with a couple of my favorite tricks. I call it WatchThis because these are the tricks i do after a say that phrase.!! Enjoy

Thanks to all the guys and all the vids!!! If it wasnt for the online community we have i wouldnt know these tricks!!!

lol your string looks invisible through most of the video

That’s cause it’s is! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, cool tricks man. The coolest thing about the video is how since you really can’t see the string, it looks like the yoyo is floating and that makes it look like your somehow using the force to make the yoyo do whatever you want.

Yeah i could not agree more, i feel as if sometimes we over look how amazing it is to have a community like this, the internet allows us to grow so much faster as throwers.


What is that trick that you do first? And where can I find a tut? Awsome vid well done ;D

maybe he got m2 to make him some invisible string err… i mean floating magic

Cool tricks, and I like the string ;D