Introducing the One Drop Yelets

Will these perhaps be at Cal States? :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile: I’ll buy 1 and perhaps a CODE 2, I hear great things about it.

Me likey!!! I need this now!

Don’t forget the 54 is below $100 as well. but ill think about this just to many awesome yoyos coming out soon!


Need to get this and a Cascade too.

Will these be available at PNWR?

Yes :slight_smile:

So same price as a 54?

I have to say that the 61.5 base weight is a great starting point!! The lightest SE’s are the UL’s to put it at 64 grams which I am sure will be great with the specs of this yoyo. Throw on the Brass UL’s and boom you have a 66.7 gram throw which is sure to make it nice and solid… Great job on that…

My dream One Drop has been (for the last few years) a 52mm SE throw with a V shape simlair to that of the Gnarwhal with a base weight of 62 grams… This is VERY close to that!!! I am pretty sure I will love this yoyo!!!