Into the Wild

Yeah!  Another one!  I had to get some cool upstate footy.  Not my best, but fun.

Comments and criticism appreciated!

Awesome vid!!! It was hilarious when you were “hiding” behind the tree!

Dude. That was Awesome :o

Overall, I dug it.

At points, there could have been more flow, but the tricks were very nice… although they weren’t uber complicated, they looked good, and that’s just as important, if not even more. The 5A was… much better than mine =)

Good stuff! The whole time, I was thinking, “I miss this guy…”

Nice! Plenty of good tricks. Keep it up.

cool, not ur best, but cool

and where in upstate are u? or did u just visit.

Monitcello. I have a house up there.

That was a sweet video, what was the song? I liked the beginning alot ;D

Lazy Eye-The Silversun Pickups

aah, i live up by rochester

You should come downstate and do a video by the Gulf of Mexico and call it “Into the Ocean” ;D


Did you know you’re my hero?
Cause you are.

Thank you.

Sobs with joy