Intermediate Expansion Kit

I am selling all my yoyo stuff so I can have some extra cash for the holidays.  I’m labeling it as an  intermediate expansion kit because it lets you explore a lot of different styles of play.

I would like $65 but i will take any reasonable offer.  Shipping not included.

Intermediate Expansion Kit
What’s Included:

YYF DV888, Grey:
With all the aesthetic damage on this one it’s probably classified as a beater, but it plays like new.  Brand new response pads, just replaced them.  Still have the box.

YYJ X-Con, Red:
Replaced the O-ring response pads for friction stickers.  Still have the original response.  It has dings and flat spots around the rims, nothing major.  It has some vibe but its so slight you can barely tell its there unless you stare at it.  Its so unnoticeable that I almost didn’t mention it.  Still plays great.

YYJ Fiesta, Red:
New with box.  Never got the hang of off string…

Shinwoo Loop, Green:
Stock response still installed, bought replacements but never installed them.  Sides are a little scratched but other than that it’s in great condition.  Still plays like new.

Yomega Brain, Micro Bullet POS, and Orange yoyo POS:
The yomega is in great condition.  I actually really like this yoyo, its very good at looping, it has more weight than the Shinwoo and in my opinion its easier to control.

Duncan Bearing King Top, Orange:
It’s fun to play around with, but it never struck my fancy.  String(1), two replaceable tips.

YYJ Lubes (thick & thin), Counter weights (bouncy ball & die), 10 ball bearing, concave bearing, homemade yoyo carrier, Bearing removal tool, shims (1 red, 3 grey).

Everything is packed in a 12" x 9" x 6" box with plenty of bubble wrap.  Its up to you what shipping service is used and whether or not you want tracking.

If you have any questions, need me to clarify something, or would like more pictures or videos don’t hesitate to contact me.


I need to get rid of this stuff, willing to go much lower.

I meant to hit edit not quote… Please delete this comment. :-[

Bump, need to sell this stuff.

Come on, nothing? Is this stuff really that worthless??

Last chance, these items will no longer be for sale on monday 12-30-13.