$500 for everything clyw yyf one drop parts and more Need money


Hello everyone I’ve been inactive in the community for a couple months and I am only looking to sell my my collection which consists of yo-yos, kendamas, a lot of string, trading cards, stickers, parts, tools. This is basically a virtual garage sale but I more than happy to sell the hole thing to one person for the right price.

prices below all prices do not include shipping

yoyo expert 8 hole bag SOLD
Custom 12 hole case $30

yoyo string

pink $9 -side note higher the price higher the quality
red $5
orange $9
neon yellow SOLD
red,white,black $9

$10 each

psg w/box SOLD

severe $13 feelable scratches but really really smooth
shutter $60 mint
Tactic SOLD

canvas w/ box SOLD
yeti w/ box SOLD
puffin 2 w/box $140 mint (flexible on price)
peak 2nd run w/box SOLD
cliff $145 mint
bvm2 $75 couple marks not feel able
Orca $130 mint

mark mont classic w /box $85 mint
v shape w/ box $80 mint

gsqaured after shock w/custom box $180 mint 1/8


PM’d ya :slight_smile:



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