intermediate - advanced yo-yo

When looking through the different topics on this forum and on other yo-yo pages I see intermediate and advanced yo-yos mentioned. What is the difference between an intermediate and an advanced yo-yo. Is for example the YYF Protege an intermediate or an advanced yo-yo?
Will the higher priced yo-yos be more stable or spin longer or is it more about what kind of bearing you use?


Yes/no. All yoyos made these days are great, plastic, metal, you name it. There really shouldn’t be any “levels” assigned to the yoyos, but looking at the shop here, they are labeled that way. Considering that some yoyos are in the beginner and intermediate categories, there really aren’t any certain levels on any given yoyo. The higher priced yoyos are generally metal, which due to science have the ability to spin somewhat longer, but that won’t really be very effective until you have a pretty good throw. Someone with a good throw could make a plastic yoyo sleep way longer than somebody with a bad throw and a metal. The bearing does matter some but basically all steel bearings work equally well.

So the difference between the YYF Protostar and the YYF Superstar would mostly be based on personal preferences? Or at least between the YYF Protege and the YYF Superstart which are both metal.

For both, mainly yes.

well also one is metal one is plastic, one has hubstacks one does not