Instead of silicone...


Well, when I asked my dad if we had any silicone, he told me to use glue from a hot glue gun. I said that it wouldn’t work, but he insisted me to ask someone if it would work, so naturally, I came to these forums. :wink: I’m pretty sure glue won’t work, but my dad wants proof, so I need someone’s opininon on this please!


Hot Glue works, and well.


yea hot glue is a great replace for silicone its unresponsive but with good bind


I bet it would work pretty well. Has anybody done this before? If so, how’d it work? Do you still use it? Any problems with it?


It’s messy, comes out easy, and is difficult to work with.

If you manage to get it in properly, it works fine though.

Also, it can destroy bearings if used incorrectly. Use with caution!

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I had a Lyn with hotglue. It was pretty good.


Interesting… but yeah, my dad and I worked it out, we’re gonna buy some silicone. ;D

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That’s good. What yo-yo are you siliconing?


Lyn Fury :slight_smile: