Hot glue return

The other day I was about to go somewhere with my yoyo, when the silicone fell out. Having ten minutes before I had to leave, I grabbed the hot glue gun and used it in my yoyo. I’ve been using it, and it actually seems to be working. Is there some major drawback to it?

That you can’t get it out

hahaha. Have you tried it already? I’m curious as to what comes of this.

Yeah, I’ve been using it. After I broke it in, it played as well as silicone has for me.

what yoyo is it ???

Standard DM2.

I just used it in my Northstar. Too lazy to find response lol. Ripped out when I needed to change it fairly easily.

Kewl :stuck_out_tongue:

it doesnt seem to work with metals in my experience :P. It falls out after a few throws. But with plastics, this stuff works. This is most efficient in off string throws, especially rhe Fiesta XX and go big!