Instant Replay

(JayVee) #1

Hey guys! Here’s my first yo-yo trick tutorial! (confetti)

I like to call this trick “Instant Replay” because, well, it looks a bit like you’re rewinding a video and playing it over again(it makes more sense if you do the trick over a few times).

I’m open to any suggestions! :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #2

Nice… Kind of like an advanced/mutated rewind…

(D@§h!zn!t) #3

Looks cool man!!!


Nice stuff, very similar to rewind. Just a bit of information for you. I think most people know “Reverse double or nothing” as you said it, as Trapeze and Bro. That’s what I see most often at least. Keep up the good work!

(JayVee) #5

Okay, I’ll use “Trapeze and Bro” the next time I do a trick with it. I just thought more people will recognize a Reverse Double or Nothing here in the YYE forum. :slight_smile:

(_|@<06) #6

Nice trick man! keep it up! its really fun to do!


Good tutorial ;D Just a tip, you might wanna include some music. If you listen, you can hear some high pitched sound, and putting some soft music in the backround could get rid of that. Other than that, very good tutorial :wink:


People would recognize it anywhere…as “Trapeze and His Brother”…cause that’s what it’s called…


I can’t watch it. “Invalid parameters” is what it says.