Instagram Contest: Win Free YoyoFactory Protostar & Signed Card


Vote on the latest Splash Game post on Instagram @yoyoexpert for a chance to win the new pink Protostar.  It will ship with a signed Tyler Severance card.  I even took a photo while he was signing it at NER, so it’s like…authenticated too.  :o

Prize courtesy of @YoyoFactory.  Thanks for your generosity YoyoFact’ry.  :)  Da Fact’ry sent me a few of these, so I get to pass this one on to a lucky yo-yoer.

The winner will get one of these: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

And, this card could be yours too  ;):

Protostar on the move… by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Just find this Cyborg post on @yoyoexpert Instagram for details.
Cyborg by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Cyborg and Protostar are available in the store:

TotalArtist fades off in the distance while singing the YoyoFactory song…

They made it all, so even when you’re on the go,
Take a small Popstar it’s a pocket throw.
Tricks are clean Avant Garde plays like a dream,
black and green plastic stacked Grind machine.
YoyoFactory’s in it’s prime with the greatest team,
Harold Owens, Gentry Stein, and Jason Lee.
John Ando, Paul Han, players you’ve got to see,
Tyler Severence, Jon Rob, Ann Connolly.
Miggy Correa, the competition is so strong,
Your favorite player throwing Chaotic or Proton.
Nice tricks, nothing new to me, cause I usually,
See horizontal tricks played on the Super G.
YoyoFactory sales the best and you know that,
got something in the mail and YoyoExpert sent your pro pack.

You know the song…Peace.  8)


seems I was most likely correct…



oh yes the

You know the song…Peace.

and dance…




I love the way your avatar is just moving to the beat of the YoyoFactory song haha. I’ll give this one more bump with more lyrics from Da Fact’ry song.

They’re giving competition here no slack,
More in the future, with no plans to hold back.
Make way, make room, cause they’re coming through,
With extra bearings, extra string, your favorite multi-tool.
It’s crazy fun when the haters get in the way,
Titanium, now you’re loving that Ricochet.
Superstar redesigned and made a comeback,
Right on time, cause they knew that you would love that.
They put 1000 titaniums in your hands,
Follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
When a throw plays nice, you know it has to be,
MVP, 888…it’s YoyoFactory.

  1. Peace.

Oh, and you have until the 27th to vote on @Yoyoexpert Instagram. Yup!