YoyoFactory - Protostar - Marbleized [Store Edition/Prize]

Which side should I display in my case, left or right.  Vote in the poll above, or comment your vote.

Protostar by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Available in the store here:

^ This specific marbleized Protostar will be given away as a prize in the Instagram version of the Splash Game. Keep an eye out for that, and vote on Instagram for a chance to win. But, feel free to vote here too. :wink:

Left because it displays more of a spectrum of colors!


I voted left because I like how the orange is on the rim, adds some flavor.


Right… Coz I’m always right

YoyoExpert posted on Instagram for a chance to win that Protostar as a prize. I went with the left side, because the orange is darker, and the blue is darker on that side too. It seems to have more of a presence. The right side has that clear section at the bottom, so it seems to have less color. Although it does have something interesting going on in the middle under the logo. Both sides are nice. I have a Protostar to keep too, and it has more blue. I’ll Splash Game that one later.

Left because the orange or yellow or whatever that colour is really POPS.

Can I get instagram link? I was unaware of that.

I voted left, BTW.

YoyoExpert posted it to the store feed today, you can vote on that post:


Left. More Color.