Inspired- First full length video by Gee Cheung

Warning, vulgarity in the first few seconds of the video

First full length yoyo video by Gee Cheung

Filmed by: Matt Kubota
Music by: Minus the Bear
Yoyo: Yoyofactory MVP

Thanks to:
Aron Bendet
Eddy Dubell

Inspired by all the girls I’ve ever had a romantic interest in since the 8th grade. The emotions brought about by them and just being around them is what inspired many of these tricks. Thank you for fueling my creativity.

Special thanks goes to Matt Kubota who dropped everything on my whim to come over and help me film and was a real champ about it. You rock bro. Couldn’t have done it without you!


Great vid Gee.

And yeah, that was a Gee Chaung wanting to shoot a ____ video video

I really liked that! my only complaint is the long pauses between shots. Mabye next time you could throw in some transition shots to take the focus off you instead of a black screen.

still loved it though!

Epic opening is epic

^^^ True, epic roof shot.

absolutely, a great movie! i’d really enjoyed it.

  • Your style is so cool and its so smooth and your tricks are very enjoyable.
    The only thing i didnt like in your video is the black screes between the shots as patrickcondon said to…

But all in all its really a cool video, one you will remember :slight_smile:
9/10 from me…

what crazypants said. but, use the black screens to give the audince a break from the action once and a while. great