Who inspired you to start yoyoing, and what is your motivation to keep yoyoing?

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I started yo-yo after seeing Grant Johnson on the Suite Life on Deck actually haha. Bought a yo-yo at a toy store and got hooked onto it quickly. My motivation to keep yo-yoing now is honestly to make the community a better place and do things people like… competing certainly isn’t what I focus on in terms of goals, I really just want to make a difference.


You read it here first folks

Bailey is mad that London is hogging all the space in their cabin, so she decides to trick her with the myth of the “Sea Snark.” She later feels guilty and tells her the truth. Meanwhile, when Zack uses up both his and Cody’s meal cards buying things for all of the girls on the ship, they run out of money. Moseby puts them to work so they can earn their keep. Cody decides to enter a yo-yo contest to make some money and Zack agrees to take over both his and Cody’s jobs on the ship so Cody can prefect his yo-yo trick.

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Wow - this is always one of the best questions to hear answered.

Wow - @Grant.Johnson - did you know this?!

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