Infinitum by Zammy

Another expanded concept I have been working on, and again…no tag has been given them so I tagged them as “infinitums”. What they are is where you do moebius repeaters but it also abides to when you use the slipknot to do hand switching like tricks.

I believe this is stuff people wanted me to work on so long ago and I’ve finally been able to get to this. I hope in the next coming year my left handed will be about the same skill level as my right so everything can be balanced.



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wow! nice

Dude, Dan, baller-tastic. Repeaters are where it’s at. Two-handed is even more impressive.

Keep this up.


Well that gives me some ideas, I am trying to get in to the style and needed some basics. That video had a bunch of fundamentals in it to try. Thanks Zammy.

Wow. Nice.



Wow future style of yoyoing…6a perhaps

That was awesome…


Watch the video “Simplicity” on my moebius youtube account if you want to pick up the fundamentals and basics for it. Then come back to this video because you need balance for both hands in order to do infinitums correctly. Your welcome :]

@Gorrilla_yo. At one time it was referenced as 6a but then the tag was dropped. Its a substyle…it will never be the future, but…you never know.

Nope… Just a sub-branch of 1A… These would all be scored as 1A in a comp…

Amazing… Love all your videos…

i accidentally gave you a thank you, nice vid though

Its okay, mistakes happen. :slight_smile:

Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for those that watched+commented. Appreciation much.