Inexpensive DIY Wall Mounted Display

With my collection slowly growing in the past couple of years, I wanted a way to display my collection at a relatively inexpensive cost. I hope it’s helpful and all items needed are listed/linked below:

Items needed:









This is great!
Thanks for the DIY info. I may end up using this.

That’s great! Glad it was helpful ;D
It’s so much nicer displaying my collection than keeping them in cases.

I also use those Michael’s soda crates for my collection and they’re fantastic and inexpensive!

It’s also possible to paint the cases, here’s a pic from Reddit


Or painted black


Another pic from Reddit



Do you have any issues with dust building up on your throws by keeping them on a shelf instead of in a case?

This was a concern of mine before I mounted it, but after six months, I haven’t noticed any dust buildup on the yoyos or shelves. Just know this probably varies greatly on where it’s located and how often you clean!

I’m sure a quick spray from a can of compressed air would get rid of any surface dust, maybe every year?

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That’s a sweet looking hammer you got there @chaotikchiken


Sometimes DIY is the best way to go.

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Hey…I know this is old, but has anyone tried to stain one of the Michael’s crates??

Old but still relevant! I never stained mine but can’t imagine it being too difficult. I believe the shelves are adhered with a strong glue, as they’re not mounted into a track. So it may get damaged if you were to remove them to stain.

Don’t forget it’s also plywood so there isn’t much of a natural grain look.


I didnt stain mine either. I would imagine it would suck up the stain, so might take several coats. Also mine had the shelve glued in with some hot glue. The popped right out, so you could remove them to make it easier.


Yeah, I’ll probably still just go white with mine.
I doubt a stain would get it to look how I’m seeing it in my head.
It’ll be nice to get it done and ready for use!
(And clean off the top of my chest of drawers, lol)

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I really like the idea!


If I lived in an actual house… image
I wish I purchased a case to hold 48 instead of smaller cases… I’d be worried about dust in my small place plus I like the idea of closeable cases…


I have that same camo Zeekio case

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I have seen something somewhere about using woodenTea bag cases. The lids are see through, so if mounted up on a wall, the throws are still visible.

I of course saw this after the gift of the soda case. :smile:

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I picked one of these up today. 8 dollars and some change with the online discount and store pickup. Incredible buy.

For you guys that are painting these, are you using primer and some kind of sealant? It’s been a while since I spray painted anything, and I don’t want to risk paint rubbing off on yo-yos.


Very nice. This may sound odd but what is that claw hammer you have pictured? Im kinda into tools and building, and by kinda i mean my wife would say i have a problem.


Is that a titanium stiletto? If so, that thing cost a pretty penny! If I ever get back into framing, I’m definitely going to invest in a nice hammer, if you’re going to be pounding the tar out of nails and wood all day, it helps to have a tool that was thoughtfully designed to take most of the blow for you while simultaneously delivering a solid punch. I’m getting to the age where I’m starting to feel just how much of a strain that kind of work can be on the body. It never really bothered me when I was younger.


You’re missing a 30oz Estwing framing hammer. I use mine every day and I’ve never looked back.

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