Indiana states?

Who’s going?

Probably your mom cause you can’t drive…

I am…thos is gonna be my first contest…nervous

I am. Hope I do well.

I might be. I still don’t know though.

I will be going. This is my first contest, I’m pretty nervous :stuck_out_tongue:

Thos i my first contest to …i am also pretty nervous

Don’t be ,you will have fun. :slight_smile:

Well my dad is the one who drives ,but thank you for telling me. :wink:

I’m goin to watch.

I’m going, my first contest as well. I’m not nervous now but i know i will be.

I’m going. Looking forward to the tourney format. I wish more contest organizers were running their contests like this.

My mom just said we’re going. I think I’ll be competing in the sport ladder. First time competing!

Cant wait!!!