US National YoYo Contest -- Who's going?

It’s this weekend!

I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting many people I only know on the forums and Facebook.

I’m going! My first time ever and I’m super excited!

Mind if I steal your name for a second: wishiwasgoingtothenationalyoyocontestthisyearbutimnot :smiley: :smiley:

Ooooo I’m gunna find you and get that bonfire!

I’ll be there with my yoyos and newly acquired Kendama skills.

You kidding me?
I wish I had your old ones lol.

Nice. I’m excited to meet a bunch of you! =)

this will be my first time going, and just wan to know why are the finals so late in the day this year?

Ill be there with yoyos to trade and to hangout :slight_smile: