Inability to research?

In this day and age of technology researching is so simple, but so few people are willing to take the time to actually do this. Instead of taking a bit of time, they make a forum post about it. Does this bother you? Or do you say “this is what forums are for!”

Personally, it depends on what it is. I think if someone needs a basic direction as where to research, that’s fine, but once spoon feeding comes into the picture, then it’s annoying.

I know, I’ve had my fair share of threads like that here and on other forums, that’s why for the most part I try to give a general direction for people to go to when they having similar questions.

I also remember when I started here I posted like a million things talking about yoyo spin times (like or comment if you remember that! :joy:).

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I’m guessing you made this post because of yoyotricks. At first I thought he was just young or new but at this point I’m pretty sure he’s just a troll.

I think it’s fine to use the forums to ask questions but posting 10 threads for help in a single day is pushing it :wink: