In the search of a new throw!

Though im struggling a bit…
What i have: Artic Circle, Glacier Express, Juggernaut and Protostar.
The throws im considering:
YYR Messiah
Ten YoYo Drop Bear
Dif-E-Yo Rev-1 Overhaul
And the OD Cascade
Price is not an issue. Just getting one of them as per now.
As im standing now:
Messiah - Really nice, though read about vibe-issues
Drop Bear - Doesn’t really know so much about it
Rev-1 Overhaul - Read one review about this thing. Thats what i’ve found out about it. “Noone” seems to have one.
Cascade - Well, is it stable?

Could you help? Greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

YOu might want to consider the following:

G Squared Nessie and Albatross
One Drop Code 2. I know you’re looking at the Cascade, I’m just presenting another model. I really like the Code 2 with the disc side effects. The Code 1 is also really sweet and I enjoy it a lot.

Everything is smooth and stable on a good throw.

Haven’t really looked up the G Squareds.
Though, have you played both the Code 2 and the Cascade?