In-site ads to promote sales

This is just a thought.

Why doesnt YYE start selling a small block of the website to non intrusive advertisements(the ones on the side)? It would generate some revenue so that maybe YYE could have some small sales every once in a while.
The only downside I can think of is that this site doesn’t seem like it has enough traffic to be able to sell space.

Any more thoughts on this?

Controlling content can be a big iffy. I was in a program like that, and one of the advertisers decided to resell their “block” to someone else, who happened to choose to specialized in virus-laden “adult entertainment” content. When I discovered this and complained, I was removed from the program. Also, people will do unethical things like that without notice

I’d say if the site was “forum only”, that gives the forum a chance to earn revenue. Since the forum here is only a vehicle to help push sales(it is, but I also see no reason to change) through the storefront, I don’t see any reason to distract people away from the YYE site.

He has sales. You just need to watch for them. Also why change something that is working just fine? I think it would be more of a hassle and would take away from the look of the store.

Because I hate ad’s. There’s enough of it everywhere else in the world, this place gives me a nice break from it all. Nuff said. Keep me happy. :wink: ;D ::slight_smile:

This ^^

If something is on sale, where would it be? The sale I’ve ever seen is when YYE was getting rid of all of those Hspin Goryllas. Where’s the “sale” section?

From what I’ve seen they’re normally announced on the blog or the front page. That’s what happened with the 6th June sale.

Yep, so check the blog often! It contains lots more then just info.

Yeah I understanding what you want. You want a selection of things on sale. Andre chooses to just advertise whatever will be on sale. Currently if things are selling then there is no need to put something on sale.

Currently the NVX are on sale…