In search of a BMT Six Shooter

So when I was a kid, I had this Yo-Yo. Best one I have ever thrown. One day it was gone, I think my step dad sold it for beer. Only memory I have… if you know anyone selling, let me know, thanks.

We need pics if you have one

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I came across that link above in my search,
along with only a handful of other pages mentioning this Yo-Yo. Apparently I’m finding out it’s pretty rare now.

I have a pair of them… somewhere…

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Would you sell one?

if i could find it, Id give it away… but i have yoyos in many boxes across many continents and no clue where they might be.


Sounds like a good spring cleaning may be in your future :sweat_smile: That would be awesome :+1:

Hey @Hades1313 saw a similar Avenger yo-yo on eBay if you’re interested:

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Interesting fact: these are made on the same city block as us!

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@Ritzer127 there is one of these up for sale on eBay right now, 4 days remaining. Auction id # 123825686768

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