American Classics for the 1990s yoyo wars.

During the race to be the best in the 90’s a lot of new yoyo company’s started up. Some from scratch and some from existing companies with the tools to manufacture. Team Losi and AXL were two of the better know ones. Of the lesser know was company out of Kansas City Mo. BMT, I ran across them when I got six of the Black Widows in a group buy, a few years back. I just scored two more new in the box examples of their throws. They only made 6 different ones, and now I have three of the six. Notice the for “Professional use only” marketing pitch. They are well made and interesting. Just have to find the other three now. tim
From “yoyowiki”
BMT was a range of aluminum and plastic yo-yos produced by BMT KCMO in Kansas City, United States. Starting in the late 1990’s the company stopped producing yo-yos in 2001. Long surpassed by the modern range of ball-bearing yo-yos, the BMT range still has appeal to collectors.
• BlackWidow
• BuzzSaw
• Cyclone
• Monarch
• LoneStar
• Six Shooter


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Those are all really cool. Have you tried throwing them yet? Or do you just keep them for collecting purposes? I think the six shooter looks really unique.

No, these are new and I want to keep them that way. They do look cool. tim

Very cool bits of yoyo history you have there!

I’ve always found the black widow interesting because my first bearing YoYo was also called Black Widow… it’s a different YoYo though…

The six shooter looks like it could slice strings like a knife with those cut outs.

I’d hate to get a finger caught in one of those 6-shooters (or any yoyo designed with openings like that).
The Black Widow I remember was an Imperial-shaped yoyo put out by Flambeau Plastics (Not bearing any Duncan branding). These were available at my local supermarket. It actually looked a lot like a Midnight Special but had a little dimple around the hub. A red foil hourglass was printed right on the hub of the yoyo and the insides were hollow…only a 3-piece yoyo as opposed to Duncan’s Imperials being made up of 5 pieces.

Nice post. Wish we had more like this.

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I was literally just thinking about these yesterday… I couldn’t recall the name of the company that made them, but I remember them well.

I’d -love- to have a few of them, but I’d imagine they’d be very difficult to find now.