Help with info and value.

I picked up an awesome couple of throws the other day and could use some info on them like their value, if you guys have any, or know where to get some of the other models? The only info I can find was off of wiki. The company name is BMT/KMCO. Ive tried them out a little and am blown away at the quality of these. Smooth as glass and beautiful craftsmanship.

You could try posting it at the Yoyo Appraisal Thread here:

Those look like cool throws, would like to try one of these someday.

Those are very nice looking for sure! I wonder about the name though as clone is a sign of concern although it could just be the name.

LOL its name is the cyclone. It was made by a legit company BMT and they made several different yoyos but have been out of business for a long time. Im just curious on the value of them and trying to locate some of the other versions. Specifically the Monarch and the buzzsaw.

Lmao. Well I totally missed cyclone. Don’t know how but did.

I’d be interested in buying some of these though!

On the wiki page it says they do not unscrew but shows a pic of it apart. Can you verify?

And I’d put a price on the 6shooter at $25 nib. Pretty cheap nice looking throw.

They do unscrew and have what seems to be a standard Duncan A type bearing. Im very surprised at the quality of the cnc work on them. As good as or close to current standard throws from today. They spin long and can handle most combos and will return with a bind. I would really like to find a few of the other versions. I was hoping someone would chime in and offer to sell some.

I have one of the BMT Black Widows wich is supposedly the only yoyo ever made from bullet proof glass!

I have a BMT Buzzsaw and 6 Shooter for sale if interested. Thanks.