In dire need of a 55 gallon - 75 gallon fishtank


My friend surprised me with a baby oscar fish. Dope fish really cool colors and they are good pets. My buddy is pretty ignorant on organisms their stress levels and immune systems, like i said he surprised me with this fish.

Oscars take a lot of care and are fragile organisms. Many diseases can kill an Oscar fish. Also the wrong fish tank.

They need space, the only crappy reason about chris surprising me with the fish is that i wasnt prepared to keep it at the moment. But quickily made moves to get a decent tank for it. Its only a 10 gallon which is NOT ok. Like i said they need space or the tank could restrict its growing habits and cause disease just due to such a high level of bacteria in a small space.
Im cleaning this tank twice a day, once in the morning right after my first ciggarrette, and once at night just after it feeds. I need a bigger tank. Im not asking for a hand out, just if someone has a tank thats not in use that they can send and ill pay them back with payments. Im good for it. Ask a few forum members if you need to.
I just need a tank thats it i can find another filter.
This fish is cool and im so thankful for chris buying it for me. He’s my bestfriend and got himself one as well. Good kid. I love him. So yeah please let me know guys, i have my fishes health in my best interest right now and would be so crushed if it died.

Please and thank you

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Let me know please and thank you! Call or text @ 5409313595


It might really help to post your location. No one is going to ship a 55gallon plus fish tank.


I live in northern virginia. Strasburg to be exact. I can most likely pay shipping i i ask a few family members to help.


Have you checked pet stores?


lol of coarse… They are like 300$+… Im a broke 20 year old boy. Lmao.


Put in add in the newspaper.


I highly recommend Craigslist if you are an adult buyer. It has worked for me selling or buying things that are heavy…for cheap. I’ve unloaded guitars, exercise equipment, and even a television, and bought a descent workbench off there that the guy delivered to me. It is a good place to connect with locals who want to buy or sell things that are heavy, extremely fragile, odd shaped, or otherwise difficult to ship. I hope this works out for you.


Good luck with your oscar. You should be able to keep your baby oscar in a 10 gallon for a month or two without too much trouble. Get a filter sized for a 30-60 gallon tank and use activated carbon in it. After you get a larger tank you should stop using the carbon, but it will really help your water quality in the small tank. With the large filter you could probably drop back to changing the water every other day. Also, be careful not to overfeed. Overfeeding gives you more water quality issues than anything else.

I hope you really wanted a fish because my oscar (Oscar) is 14 years old.


I Googled for a photo of that fish…a lot bigger than the goldfish I had when I was young. But, at least they live longer. Wow!


Properly housed (minimum of 100 gallons of tank per fish) goldfish can live over 25 years.


Take it back to the pet store? Srs. If my friend bought me a $10 fish then expected me to spend hundreds on housing for it i’d say no thanks, not to mention how long they’ll live and complexities of moving a large tank. That said the NOVA Craigslist turns up numerous tanks in the 40-100g sizes, so not sure why you’d look on a yoyo forum before there.


So…that was why they died. I was only 8, so it wasn’t my fault.

Honestly, I’m going to do this whole fish tank thing again at some point in life, and I’m going to do it right. It’s so soothing watching them…therapeutic.

I have to say though, that they are cuter when they are small. I’ve eaten big fish, but if it’s served to me with the head on, it’s a turn off. Especially a catfish with whiskers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got an old free 125 gallon from an antique shop, only thing wrong with it is a huge crack on one wall of it. Gunna be 204$ to fix.

And one on craigslist thats a 75 gallon but it comes with a four foot boa constrictor XD


I love this fish. Lolol yeah i know all about them im gettin a few more once this tank stuff is figured out. I put a Pleco in there with him.

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Oh I see that you have it figured out. Those Oscars get pretty big. I didn’t have a tank but I thought about sending you a frying pan. ;D (Sorry, just thinking outside of the tank :stuck_out_tongue: )


hahaha im not sure how oscar can taste?


There quite good with some lemon, actually.


Hey dude. If ur havin money probs u should ssk for pet food


i have food, my old hockey coach owns a pet store and hooks me up with bloodworms cheap. Plus i can always go outside for a cricket or a worm. I figure i hve about six weeks to move him to a bigger tank.

My buddy john has a 55 gallon but the bottom is broke. I think im gunna go get some lumber, cut it to just under the size of the tank bottom, take a big tuperware container cut off on o the walls, lay it down on the board and “wrap” the board in it. Use the tuperware as a “plug”. So there will be tuperware between the fish and the wood. Silicone it ofcoarse. Hope it works!