In a funk today

Today, I have been in a weird “funk” I call it. I haven’t hit any one of my tricks that I have made up. 1A or 5A, easy or hard. I have no idea what’s going on though. :frowning:

Just take a break and don’t worry about having to land any of the tricks first if that kinda thing bothers you.

put down your yoyo and do something else

^Done, but when I go back, I still can’t hit anything. sigh

I’m also really tired today, so that may have some bearing ( ;D) on it.

Don’t think about it… pick up a fixed axle if you have one and just start throwing simple tricks.

If you think “Ok, I took a break, now I’m back to normal” your mind will mess with you.

This is supposed to be fun, keep it fun… ;D

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I’m sponsored by GN Yoyo Co and I actually have most of the TEXT yoyos and have been throwing them quite a lot today with no problems.

Thanks for the suggestions.

You’ll only start doing them right when you forget you were doing them wrong. Oh, btw, I never land any of my tricks. Ever. Of course, most of my tricks are long, but whatever.

Does Walk the Dog count?

I can do that… and the Elevator! I TOTALLY ROCK THAT ONE.

Anything I can do to help… Zen Yo-yo

I find that rather incestuous, don’t you agree?

Actually it could be worse, Zorro.

I woke up the day before yesterday… Sat down and could not play the guitar. I could not play any hard riffs. I could not even play a single chord!

And yesterday I went through the same Exact thing. I could not play a thing. I could not even tune the guitar. I was totally mystified?

Today I called up my older brother. He has been playing guitar for 53 years.

I told him,'Mitch, I have been unable to play a single thing on that Original Fender Jaguar you gave me years ago. It is getting really disturbing. Can you tell me ANYTHING?

He said, ‘I know exactly what the problem is. And honestly, it’s not really much of a problem anyways’.

He just broke the news to me that I don’t even know how to play a Guitar.

Mystery solved!


^^^ That’s good doc. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t.

Yoyodoc… #ISeeWhatYouDidThere

haha… sadly, I DO know how to play guitar and I have nights that I can’t play anything.

I can play the 3 string fiddle…, does that count??

Yes it does… haha

I do have a comforting thought for you Berto. No matter how your musical skills are functioning from day to day; as long as you have electricity, you can always ‘play’ the Radio.

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Sadly, this actually reminds me of my cousin Dennis.

Yes very incestuous, but I can’t be mad at a guy for saying he’s sponsored if he feels sponsored.

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Yes, a Sponsorship role more along the lines of nonchalant self-aggrandizement… A path more sought after by Yo-Yo’rs today.