I'ma Death Spike Meh CU!

Haha. I death spiked my CU! Take that George Washington!


No pics of the sides where the spikes actually are?

Haha that’s awesome. Any vibe?

Yeah I actually noticed that too. What’s so special about spikes anyways? Matadors?

that looks cool a pic or two of a side view with a decient camera would be even cooler, planning doing some matador styling?

In the mail on the way to me. :]

Yeah. Loving the 888 Matt! Well yeah It is fun for matador play, and pull starting. And apetrunk, no vibe.

Pull Starting? Ouch!!!

Hurts like he- Is as fun as he- ok. How can I say this…

Bumping up one more time just for fun.

yah, can’t see the spikes really well, but I think it’s cool( since I could sorta see it)

I wish I could, but I traded it to Yo!ItsMatt for an 888.

And whats amazing was it had no vibe.
The matador is beast.

Kutos to Born2yoyo


That looks Illest…


Nice work


Isn’t it Kudos?