Im thinking about buying a yyf replay should I ?

thanks guys

In my opinion yes you should get a replay. At first I was very sceptical about getting one in a mystery box but it was a mystery box so why not right? I received the replay and it plays way beyond the level that I thought it would play. Since they are plastic they seem to be somewhat “hit or miss” as if they are good or not. What I mean is that some people’s replays are more vibey while others play extremely well. As for mine it has some vibe but I’m pretty sure it’s as minimal as vibe will get for the Replay Pro. The replay is rather heavy which for me helps me because when I switch to one of my main throws I’m able to throw more clean and faster with even less effort than before. Also idk if you’re interested in 5a but in my opinion due to being heavy the replay is great for learning 5a on as long as you don’t mind getting marks on it.

I plan to buy another replay sometime down the road because I am such a fan of the one that I already have. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t you? If you have the cash, shouldn’t you? If you find the yoyo interesting, shouldn’t you?

The yoyos in my collection, that I’ve kept and play the most have been those that I chose for my own reasons.

Trust yourself! Nobody knows you better. ;D

I own 4 plastic replay pros. There is my answer for you… I think you know what it is

I have an all green one. Now I consodering getting the new all white one.

I have a white replay pro. Its one of my favorite plastic throws right now.

I may get the White Replay, though the one that really sparks my interest is the Aurora colorway. Right now I have a clear, and 2 2-tone blue/green Replays. They were actually just a blue Replay and a green Replay but I swapped halves to have something unique.

Well worth the money. Super fun yoyo.