I'm starting to yo-yo, waiting for your recommendations (:

As I said in the topic, I wanna start to yoyo but I don’t know which yoyo I should buy. I don’t want any expensive one but it should be good enough to effort skill moves. Waiting for your recommendations :slight_smile:

Shutter or Horizon if your looking for a good yoyo right away if not as a starter yoyo the Sage yoyo started me out. My favorite is the Atlas though.

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First things first: buy from yoyoexpert! It will make the first and every other buying experience great! I would start with a yoyofactory replay. It’s responsive so it will come to your hand with a tug. It’s inexpensive ($15?),so you don’t have to worry about hurting it. I believe a lot of people recommend the recess first base. It has responsive and unresponsive bearings with it (so you can get into more complicated tricks without having to buy a new yoyo). I’ve never tried it. I recommend it purely based off of constant recommendations from others.


What do you think about velocity?

^ Love it!

Velocity is great for starting out on. it won’t take you as far into advanced tricks as First Base or Replay, but it will always be fun, even after “outgrowing” it. I still play mine a lot set to responsive.

Thanks but I have another problem; shipping. I couldn’t find a site that ships free or cheap to Turkey, all sites want 40-50 dollars for shipping and it’s very bad…

I bought the replay pro from another site I think they are better for beginners with all the packs you can get for the yoyos

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They may have better packs for beginners. I honestly haven’t looked at other stores for years. If I can’t get it here or in a bst, I don’t buy it. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with yoyo expert. I had a yoyo for 5 years that I bought from here. Something went wrong with the yoyo after those 5 years. I made a post asking for recommendations from people on the forums. I was contacted by a yoyo expert employee and was told that if I bought the yoyo from them, they would be willing to fix it. I only had to cover shipping to yoyoexpert. They do so much for the community and have excellent customer service. For those reasons, I’m loyal to this company. This is the place I will always recommend people to buy yoyos from and where I will continue to buy from. Getting varied options is good, but having a quality experience is worth much more to me.

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Okay I have been looking on yoyoexpert the b grades are cool although I wish there were other b grades like a shutter. The other site is a competing store it seems I couldnt but in the actual name. Is that meant to happen.

It is by design that you can’t put in the other company’ name.

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