I'm Retiring

Many of you may know that I have a little custom string business, and I have been reflecting on a wise mans words who once said something like “I told myself I would do this while it was fun…” Well the stresses of customs are grinding my gears. As of this post I am out of the custom business, and will be producing in a series of runs only. Personally I feel it’s time I give a little more spot light to some of the newer up and comers. Thank you to my supporters I appreciate the reviews, and the good words. Peace out this Buddy is gonna go throw for a while.

hey why don’t you just take a year off and sell to your top buyers. or expand and get other people to help you make string. ;D

It’s good to kick back and relax once in a while don’t let the string making stop you from throwing. C=

I wrote a poem about you. Its pretty heart felt

Don’t make string
If its not your thing

THE END. best. poem. ever.

Making string
It is my thing
I just want to have a little more fun
That’s why I’m only doing runs

I now consider this thread a rap off thread.

If your sick of making strings,
maybe it aint your thing.
you might just need a break
if the string gives you a head ache
so get off that chair and throw,
it doesn’t matter, fast or slow,
yoyoing’s the best intermission
for a busy string technician.



^ that’s actually pretty awesome LOL

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Okay, that’s an EPIC rap!

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I’ve heard your strings are really great
But taking a break may be your fate

They be good and I do it for the funs
Like diarea no customs look for the runs

I never tried your string,
But peeps said it was yo thing
Maybe you should take a break
You should bake
A cake
For a Snake
Whos name is Drake
His favorite color is opaque
this poem should die
cause I like pie
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
How come every one rhymes string with thing??

I don’t, and by the way, yoyo penguin is the string rapping king…

i know right!!