I'm quitting yoyoing....

For a month to master the art of Kendama!

Discuss: What you would do if you had to quit throwing.

I have no idea what Kendama…BUT YOU TRAITOR!

And I would become emo if I quit throwing so I can use the pain from quiting throwing to my advantage.

Oh, It was a joke… A cruel sick joke lol.

If I was forced to quit I don’t know what I would do… I would be very bored.

Somehow I knew this would be like this, you sneaky sneaky man.

id probably secretly yo-yo

I really want to learn kendama! I’m going to buy one soon.

I would try to learn to juggle or use poi and astrojax. :wink:

i would play alot more video games ;D

Juggling is sooo easy, I just use oranges xD.

Maybe learning a cascade. But juggling itself is NOT easy.

kendama is awesome. but yoyoing is way better

Well juggling 2 balls is easy xD, anyone who dares juggling a Catch 22 or Oxy Titanium or SPYY Gold Plated yoyo is EVIL!

true dat!

hey guys i was forced to quit!! but only for 3 weeks
its the worst experence

why do you have to quit to do something else? probably more juggling ,astrojax, spin top and footbag

Well, I don’t really know. I’m probably going to yoyo every now and then.

I’d play a lot more pool if I took a break from throwing.

juggling 3 objects in the basic pattern is easy. though learning to juggle 5+ will take you about 2-4 years of practicing an hour every day (i know, i’ve learned to do it) 8)

Lolm we’ll see If i can break that learning record.

Then try it, you’ll be in one heck of a wake-up call.