Im not trying to make it like YYN but...

Maybe we could have a Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forums. I know yoyonation has one but it seems to be very popular and people seem to like it. What do you guys think?

I guess it would be cool!

I’ve already thought about this, and my answer is–no.

Whilst I do not have any authority about this, I would have to say that this shouldnt be allowed. First off, there arent really enough members to do this, and second, I dont want this to happen, due to scammers.

To illustrate my point, YYN has had a lot of scammers in the past, and this always led to unhappy people, and a blow to the structural foundation of the community. I dont want to see YYE take the same downfall YYN has been going through.

YYE is my getaway place when the people at YYN are being…well, jerks. This has become my favorite forum, and i dont want to see its members poisoned against one another.

Please André, dont do this.

P.S: I believe there is a section like this in the chat. Also, if you want to trade yoyos so much, please do so on YYN.

I would not like to see a section here when there is one in the chat. but a modder section would be nice.

I realized the exact same thing very soon after making this thread, I too disagree with it. Yes, I disagree with my own idea.

^^that seems to be usual. people dissagree with their own idea. I have done so.

I do think there should be a modder section too though!

Ok, I think that there should be a modding station but It would be cool to be able to trade yoyo’s but yes people would scam, not to call anyone a scammer just that some people can get greedy. (me)

I don’t think we should have one on another forum I am a part of but never really go on anymore had this and not that many people used it and It’s hard to make the deals :frowning:

I vote there should be a modding section.

Scamming is a fact of life. While I do agree that we might want to keep that element away from this forum, life is full of scammers. It just something that honest people have to learn to be wary of. It’s a sad fact of life that you probably should assume that most other people want your stuff and will do anything to get it…

All that said, I really like looking through the trade section at YYN and wouldn’t mind seeing it here.

My vote is - no. Maybe as time goes on and there are more members and the forum gets larger. but at the moment it wouldnt be very active.
The only reason why the BST on YYN is so popular is because they have just over 4000 members.

No dont but i would love to have a modding section 8)

Happy Throwing! =]

Now, now. Don’t be so hasty.

I wouldn’t mind a BST-type deal here, as I’m scared to the point of tears to trade on YYN. WAY too many horror stories over there.

At least we all know each other here.

I know you’re never going to be able to eliminate all scamming, but maybe the benefits outweigh the occasional headache?

We’d have to set up a system that’s better than YYN. If we start a BST section, all the scammers will join. To prevent them from prevailing, we need to take steps.

The first, and most obvious solution is to send everything to Andre. After he receives the yoyos/money, he can send them to the correct people. This is a big job for Andre, so if I were him I wouldn’t want this to happen.

We could also create some sort of special account that could prevent scamming or we could use PayPal.

Overall, I don’t think we should have a BST section. If we want to trade, we should go to YYN or meet someone in person (at a competition or something).

The more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea. It puts too much stress on Andre (because it is his site and if anything happened he could be blamed.) I don’t think we should do this.

well I was thinking of sending everything to andre but I think he is busy enough as it is

I agree, someone on YYN like stole 500 dollars worth of yoyos or something. However, if we were to have a BST section, there must be someway to do this. How do people trade over the internet???

Suggestion: If we were to just tell people we were selling on ebay, then that way it can be a clean trade.

Warning: Never buy until you see the product. This guy bought an X-Box for $300, and he got a empty box with a big fat “X” on it.