I'm looking for a Custom signature banner maker to help me out.

I’m in need of a custom signature banner and don’t know how to make one and would like to enlist someone that’s proficient and willing to help me get what I’m looking for made.

If that’s you please post here or message me, or if you know someone that can send them my way please.

Thanks for any help or recommendations in advance!

-Snafu :slight_smile:



Thanks! I messaged him and hope to hear back with good news. I appreciate the reference.

I can make one tomorrow sometime. I’m not that good, but I’d enjoy the photoshop practice. And don’t worry, I would’t be insulted if you didn’t use/like it :smiley:

*Example of my work:

(Ps. JamesMay is a great photoshopist. He made my sig and my logo. Unfortunately doesn’t get on YYE that often. So it may take a day or so to hear back from him :))

He’s on facebook if you want a quicker reply.