I'm kind of nervous...

Today I was at work just chillin playing with my yoyo like usual. And I work at a camp and the campers there now are people with Spina bifida. One of the head guys saw me yoyoing and approached me talking about the yoyo and was saying how cool it was. Which made me felt cool then he asked me put on show for all the kids!!! Of course I said yes, but now i’m kind of nervous l0l. But I can’t wait I think it’ll be so much fun.

wats spina bifida and dont worry just play like your playing by yourself and make it look cool

well that is awesome. good luck and i hope it goes great.
as for the nervousness i can barely yoyo in front of people, i dont know why but i generally just get a whole lot worse lol.
well good luck and have fun. ;D

Don’t think about it.

That’s what I do.

Do you mess up when you’re randomly yoyoing?
Not that much, pretend that’s what you’re doing.

Polloyoyo: Spina Bifida is a spine disorder that usualy puts people in wheel chairs… I think… Im not to sure…

you’ll do fine… Its not like their judges… Just work your way up the ladder. Try doing some fast lindy loops, gyro flops, LOTS of grinds, suisides, mach 5… just some of the crowd pleasers…

Good luck

Don’t forget Revolutions! :slight_smile:

Just be crazy and goofey. You’ll be great.

thanks now i know

Thanks guys and yeah I plan on doing a lot of crowd pleasures and maybe a few advance things.

Dacklink and I did a show/showed kids how to yoyo.
Do braintwister combos eli hops sideways yoyoing flop slacks and what not, flashy stuff.

Yeah, if you can, 5A is really flashy. I know what you mean though. I have a talent show coming up, and I’m really nervos. I just practice in front of my family, and close friends, that gets me some help and critique.

wat tricks can you do

I think you’ll do fine. If you mess up, just pretend that you meant to do that, and they’ll never notice.

People aren’t usually into technical stuff, so I wouldn’t do any long trick combos or anything. They DO like stuff like Eli Hops, Braintwister, Boing-E-Boing, Flops, Anything Flashy. If you can loop or do Offstring, they like that as well.

I hope it goes well, you’ll do great! :slight_smile:

If you have a yo-yo with Hubstacks or something similar, use it. That’s definitely a crowd pleaser, especially if you use it when they least expect it. :wink:

Good luck! Hope you do well!

Just remember that they don’t know what they are looking at. It’s much easier to just put on a show for an audience instead of trying to impress judges.

yea grab the hubs and balance it on your finger they will be like oooooohh