I'm having a GPU issue...

Ok, so here’s the thing; I have an Nvidia GeForce 610 and a MSI NX8600GTS. The 610 is a low-level card, made for watching HD movies and motherboards without built-in graphics. This is the card I’ve been using.

The 8600 is a fairly high level card, made back in the days when DX10 was first being introduced. It IS DX10 compatible. It is capable of running Crysis 1 on fairly high settings with very good frame rates. This is the one I had in my other computer.

The problem, is that I am replacing the 610 with the 8600. Something is causing the card not to output a signal my monitor can recognize. Through trial and error, I have limited it down to one of 3 things:

  1. The card is dead, even though I was using it yesterday.
  2. My power supply isn’t large enough.
  3. I need the most recent drivers.

I am currently attempting #3 and will update this thread in less than 20 minutes it it is the case.

Anyone with experience of this sort is encouraged to contribute.

Never mind, it was the Drivers. LEt this be a lesson to all, ALWAYS update your drivers…

Drivers are annoying little boogers, but they tend to be the answer. out of curiosity, how big is your power supply?


I’ve had surprisingly bizarre results by not having a power supply big enough in the past. I’m amazed that 450 W does the job if I’m honest. Even my laptop power supply is 800W!

Anyway, really glad you got it sorted. I’m having massive driver issues at the moment as well if it’s any consolation. My headphones jack works under linux, but the driver that worked fine before under windows no longer outputs sound through my headphones jack. It lets the headphone socket kick the speakers offline, but just won’t spit out any sound. I’m about to lose my mind, and have resorted back to plug and play linux. :slight_smile:

I just updated my Nvidia driver recently. The program “Nvidia GeForce Experience” is very helpful since it checks for driver updates and can find and install them quickly. Highly recommended for Nvidia users.
Glad you got it sorted out though.

even if it is working for you, I would recommend dropping a larger power supply in. no reason to put so much strain on your system for such a cheap fix.

I’m not straining it, though.