I'm addicted to fingerspins….

So today I got about a 20 second fingerspin on both the Format:C and the T1. How?

By landing in the little dimple area where the axle is (like the Valor type thing).

Has anyone else done this? lol :smiley:

haha i know i was for like a month ina half def helps to have a horizontal monster in yours hands then it becomes truly rediculous XD. me and gambit hae gone at it for hours and hours,im alil off of it now, but my lil bro is finally getting ahold of it and all he does all day is go for that beauty that is finger spins, im trying to get to the degree of those kerbel hops ,hes fudgin amazing. but is freakin addictive XD

Yep, done it on my Valor and benchmark with ULs. Haven’t tried it with my Markmont Classic yet, I’ll have to give that a shot later

I can see how it would get addicting. It’s sort of like kendama. I personally get really annoyed at the fingerspin thing, and I never try it.

Going to try that immediately with my T1 right now. Will update after testing.

Just spent 10-15 minutes with my T1 trying it out. I only landed it cleanly 3 times but it fell off each time. Do you have a method for doing this?

I just do a front style side throw and hop it up (but not too high). You kinda just have to commit I guess. I have hardly any fingernail atm FYI.

Are you doing a fingerspin or a backflip? :smiley:

when i landed my first one it was epic.

lol ikr, I’ve been street skating so much these days I use that word a lot

I had a month-long phase where I only used my Elysian for fingerspins. getting to actually know it know, so comfortable for a competition shape.

I can’t land on the through-hole for the life of me. Heck, I can’t even land the Prestige dimple.

But I like doing “ghetto matador” with those kinds of yoyos. :wink:

ghetto matador eh? please elaborate:)

I think he means using your fingernails and rip starting the yoyo like you would do normal matador except using the inserts.

^^ Yup. I didn’t coin “ghetto matador”… can’t remember who did, but I dig it. :slight_smile: