45 second fingerspin with OD Valor


Just got my valor today! ;D

Nothing special of a video but just thought I’d share something pretty cool with the Valor for those of you who don’t have one


I’m glad they used the tap through axle even though I can only land this 20% of the time haha


Cool. As I see you like fingerspins, yoyos that fit lateral caps can spin over a minute.


Yea but I imagine those would be really hard to hit Fingerspins on consistently if your doing hops and stuff like that.


Not really

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You can also do a rip start with your thumb and middle finger. It’s much easier than trying to land it.


My hands are too tiny for that haha! Landing it isn’t too difficult though



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Sweet! I’m getting a Valor in a couple day’s and I am so gonna try this.


Did you land it in the hole for the axle or the circle around it?


On that subject, do you have a Theory? Have you played a Theory? I love my Theory but I have an almost impossible time landing it on the little “hub” area that is meant for finger spinning. I’m sure this has been asked before, possibly even by me, but is the indentation in lateral caps any larger than the indentation on the Theory? Thanks.

And OP, awesome spin, man!! Nicely done.


It’s pretty hard haha, I can only get it about 20% of the time, good deal harder then landing on a theory if you’ve tried one


Axle. Landing in the circle I get about 15-20 seconds with a bind. Fingerspins are a lot shorter on the outer channel though



My short finger nails can’t reach to make contact with my yoyos.


Have you tried bending your finger a little bit? I have short fingernails too so I have to bend my finger to get the yoyo on my nail


I grow out my index fingernails a bit longer then my others to do Fingerspins :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I was before or not, but I did just land it with my middle finger (bent a bit) within the ring and got about 6 seconds out of it so I’m encouraged to keep at it. For a few seconds it was stable, then it started rotating around my finger and then I let the string go slack and then the string wrapped around my finger until fail. :smiley:

Yeah, I’m gonna have to figure out which finger I prefer and maybe make an exception at clipping time. :slight_smile:


Wait a second…
This is only 43 seconds >:o